Our 2019 LumenKind Top 10 List (and beyond!) is filled with examples of what inspires and fuels our work and mission. We are so grateful to move into 2020 with the gifts of the past year and the power of this moment to bring more light into the world! We are honored to share this journey with so many brighter beings! 


#10. 2018 Sell-Out Creates Space for Improved 2019 Product Design


#9. Melissa Hartwig Urban, Whole30 CEO, Adds LumenKind to Top 5 List  "I'm a huge fan of setting intentions; it's part of my morning routine and daily meditation practice. These LumenKind temporary tattoos are the perfect way to cement that intention. They're stylish but small enough to be discreet and last three-to-five days with normal wear and tear. Bonus: When it wears off, you can conscientiously change your energy with a new intention to match your mood." 


#8. Neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart Taps LumenKind to Celebrate the Launch of Her New Book: The Source: Secrets of the Universe Science of the Brain. We created the Visualize Pack. This first Mindful Mark collaboration product was released at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York.


#7. SXSW Wellness with Jacquelyn Krieger of Chakwave and SXSWedu Activations Attracted Gathering of International Fans 

#6 Education Giveback expands mindfulness in schools in Texas, Kansas, Oregon and beyond!  LumenKind and mindful marks inspire mindful moments at: Austin ISD Employee Wellness Retreat; Portland ISD Parent Mindfulness Night; Communities in Schools New Year's kickoff; and Sunflower Elementary students intention-setting practice.

#5. Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Founder Selects Mindful Marks as Top Product for Biohackers 

#4. Featured Experience during Whole30 Coach Summit, IBM Women's Day, PaleoFX Conference, Oracle Employee Wellness, and dozens More! 

#3. MBG (MindBodyGreen) Hosts LumenKind Activation at Invite-Only Revitalize Event where Deepak Chopra and John Mackey Keynote  

#2. LumenKind Membership Launches Offering of Fresh, Curated Packs of Mindful Marks + Invitation to Mindfulness Monthly 

#1. Celebrated 290,000 Mindful Marks sent Globally inviting 850,000+ mindful breaths!

In less than 2.5 years, Mindful Marks are in every U.S. state and 16 countries.