Krista Kilbane, LCSW

I am a therapist by trade and a healer by nature. I’ve worked with clients that are seeking a luminous path in order to reach their ideal life for over 10 years. In all instances, everyone that I see is seeking healing and growth in some aspect of their lives.

In the early years of my practice I assisted people with managing their anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief, etc. They would make progress, temporarily, but the behaviors they had shifted seemed to just shift back over time. This would drive me insane! How can I help people to make a permanent shift?

After 3 years of intense knowledge seeking about spirituality, the brain, mindfulness, law of attraction, and energy work, I discovered at our core lies our limiting beliefs that rule us on a subconscious level. I made it my mission to help my clients make permanent shifts. I created a program called Divine Alignment: Clear, Connect, and Align to your Divine.



Discover and CLEAR your limiting beliefs, or your “Story.”
Story is a construct we have created about ourselves based on our life experiences and the influences of those around us. The first step in clearing your beliefs is discovering them by exploring the messages you heard growing up.

What did you hear about the world, money, work, your body, your abilities, etc.? Who was influential in your life as a child? 

“I’m not good enough”, “People that make a lot of money are greedy”, and “I can’t take care of myself” are some of the most common limiting beliefs I hear.

This is the beginning of understanding the “story” you have taken on!

Once the story is identified, I guide my clients with a variety of tools and methods including meditation, chakra healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and Mindful Marks (see my thoughts on incorporating Mindful Marks into your practice below). Understanding the pattern of limiting beliefs that has been adopted allows you to start clearing emotionally and mentally.

Discover and CONNECT to your empowering beliefs, your “Truth.” Truth is our innate being, our divine essence without the patterns and stories we have created. With a good understanding of your story, it’s time to discover and connect to your truth by identifying your empowering beliefs. I often find that most clients know what they don’t like, but they have no idea what they do like. I use an insight questionnaire to help them start to identify who they really are.

ALIGN with your truth to create a vision for your life.
This is where the magic begins!  Once the limiting beliefs “Story” are cleared and my clients begin living in their “Truth”, they are now able to manifest the life they want.

The key to manifesting is your belief that you deserve it, it’s possible, and you can visualize it. If you are stuck in your story, you will have limiting beliefs that will never lead you to your vision.  That’s why the emotional, mental, and physical clearing is so important.

Overall, the outcomes have been amazing!  My clients are gaining great insight and shifting their behaviors permanently.  



A main part of my practice is teaching clients how to use numerous tools in order to assure their success outside of my office. I teach them Tapping, Chakra Healing, Meditation, Energy Shifting, and Intention Setting to name a few.

One of my favorite tools that I’ve incorporated into my practice is Mindful Marks. They were the piece I was missing, but I didn’t know it until I experienced them for myself.

Clients leave my office with “homework” that keeps them connected to the work between sessions. One of my challenges has been clients walking out of my office and back into their fast-paced world only to get caught up in the drama and stress and end up putting their homework on the back burner. Out of sight, out of mind. Ugh! I can’t go home with them to make sure they do the work.

So, when I saw Mindful Marks I knew this was the visual piece my clients needed to remember the work they committed to and the joy they felt by following through and making the shifts they originally came to me to assist them with.

A visual reminder that keeps them on track. The best part, it’s on their body!!!!!!!!!

When I first introduced Mindful Marks to my clients they loved them as much as I did. Why wouldn’t they? They are fun, beautiful, personal, and meaningful! And for me, they assist my clients in staying focused on their vision. Win, win, win! 

Interested in learning more about how my Divine Alignment program can help you or ways to incorporate Mindful Marks into your practice? I’d love to hear from you!

Krista Kilbane, LCSW
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