Contributed by: Kristin Moses

As the founder and creative director of DesignGood, a big part of my work is helping people find their unique voice. Our focus is helping clients create authentic and intentional brands that communicate who they are and connect them with their dream audience. I truly believe this is what I was put here to do.

And to do it, I had to embrace my own voice. Discovering your authentic voice takes work; becoming disconnected from it is all too easy. But owning your voice is essential not just for entrepreneurs, but also for anyone who wants to activate their full potential.

My Story: Losing My Voice

The business I love today is absolutely not the one I started out with. For too many years, I focused relentlessly on taking on as many projects as possible, whether they were inspiring or not. Our clients at the time just wanted beautiful designs, and that’s what we were giving them. I “spoke” only through design — which meant I wasn't bringing my full self to my business. And I didn’t even think that mattered.

But working and living this way wasn’t sustainable. I knew in my heart I needed and wanted more from my business and my brand. So I made a big, scary shift.

Instead of constantly pushing for new business, I decided that the most valuable thing I could do for myself was leave. The business I had in no way reflected who I really was, and who I was becoming. I left the acclaimed and successful branding and design agency I had started in Houston with my former best friend. We let staff go that I adored, closed our office and separated all the things and work we had collected over the years. It was like getting a divorce. Watching all I had built crumble, I felt like my soul was disconnecting from everything it knew before. Hands down, it was the hardest thing I had ever done.

Embracing My 'High-Vibe' Side

But it took going through all of that to reconnect with my voice and communicate authentically as my true self. I moved back to Austin, where my heart was. I named the new version of my company DesignGood to reflect the work I wanted to be doing in the world: creating meaningful brands for passionate entrepreneurs.

And I started showing up as me. Not as who my old business partner wanted me to be. Not as the person I thought clients expected. My focus became intentionally and mindfully creating things that make people’s lives better. I started helping other people find their voice and build brands and businesses that support the lives they want to live.

The messages and the whole vibe DesignGood puts out reflect my values, my beliefs and my mystical, spiritual, cosmic-loving self. When we launched our high-vibe approach, I knew not every potential client was going to connect with it. But many did. The clients we want to work with most now seek us out. I started leaving it up to the universe to bring those people to us, which freed me up to focus on honing our unique process and doing beautiful and meaningful work.

Finding YOUR Voice

Putting your true voice out into the world requires boldness. But when you do it, your voice becomes a beacon that attracts the right people and the right opportunities to you. On the other hand, when you muffle your voice — or show up in any situation in a way that isn't true to who you are — the universe doesn't know what to send your way. And you end up in the wrong jobs, the wrong relationships and on and on. Clarity is key.

So what does finding your voice even mean?

Well, I think you absolutely know when you’re not showing up in this world as yourself. When you try to look or sound like someone else, others will pick up on it.

Reclaiming your voice starts with getting clear on what you're all about. Amid our days filled with busyness and distraction, we can get separated from our essential selves and caught up in things that don't matter. So take some time to reflect on who you are, what you want, the values you treasure and the gifts you bring to this world.

Start to notice when you're feeling more grounded in yourself. Pay attention to whether you're communicating that self to others or trying to push that voice down. You might be surprised at how much of you is in hiding — and how hard you’re working to keep it suppressed!

Now think about one small thing you can do this week to make your true voice heard. For me, it was talking about topics (like attracting and manifesting) on our blog that I wasn't really "supposed to" in my line of work, but that resonated with me and my dream clients. What is it for you?

If you’re an entrepreneur, infusing your business with your unique voice is the key to standing out. This will allow your dream clients or customers find you. At DesignGood, we are so passionate about this and have created some resources that can help in the tools section of our website and on our blog:

Speaking to the world in my authentic voice did more for my business than all of my hustling ever did. The world needs the power of your unique voice, too. Embrace it and be heard.


Engaged, Passionate, Wholehearted.

Kristin Moses is a 20-year veteran of the design and branding industry and has been an entrepreneur for 14 years, founding three successful companies.

Through her work creating brands and helping businesses get started and grow, she saw that some entrepreneurs seem to effortlessly attract success while others struggle. To help more people develop the qualities that cultivate success, abundance and happiness, she created the High-Vibe Business Method based on her experiences as a branding expert and entrepreneur. This method incorporates the steps, strategies and practices that have worked time and again to create powerful results for DesignGood clients.

A creative director and designer with a knack for business and creating processes and systems, Kristin is also a business coach, which enables her to go deep with clients on all aspects of their life, personal development, brand and business.