Contributed by: Maggie Miller
Living the with intention is opening yourself to your greatest possibility. It’s recognizing your power in each moment and, despite the distractions and challenges that life presents, being present and grateful for the opportunities and lessons that arise. My friend Maggie is a shining light on this journey. I’m excited to share her story and the powerful lessons she's learned by LOVING. 

❤️ Natalie




As a serial entrepreneur, I am genuine and passionate about our ability to inspire greatness in people and the world. My life goal is to fuel and build platforms that unleash human potential. Most importantly, I have vowed to make joy central to everything I do and am.

My business card reads “Chief Troublemaker.” I made it up of course. I do like to roam and find myself in conversations and experiences that light up life. To give gratitude inside. To love excellently outward and inward. I get to joyously helping companies all over the globe marry profit and purpose by building social impact programs for teams and communities. In a previous iteration of work, I had the honor to build an international development NGO creating opportunities for women in developing nations to build prosperity through microcredit loans and educational training.


In 2001, I read Wayne Dyer’s amazing book, ‘You’ll See It When You Believe It.” What came out of that for me was two remarkable understandings that made my heart feel new electricity. One: I am completely intoxicated by people. Two: my life mission is to inspire greatness in others. I’ve never looked backwards, but instead upward and onward. I try and surround myself with people that bring out the very best in life for themselves and others. As someone who likes to “check off my list,” it’s important for me to find ways to breathe and be present. LumenKind is another amazing path for me to find that presence. 


Since it’s a week where people honor Love, wearing my LumenKind “Love” Mindful Mark today, I wrote some few of my favorite thoughts about “Lessons I’ve Learned from Loving.” Here goes!

Where there is a Willingness, there is a Way. When we unclench the ragged fist of ego, we let the Heart lead this journey. Forgiveness is everything. It is the grail for a blissful Life. Forgive again, and again, and again. Forgive the desire to really despise the idea of even forgiving. Watch the sharp edges wash away. And watch this forgiveness give rise to Unalterable Love.

There has never or will never be another YOU. The world is waiting for you to maximize your unique gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Drive yourself with authenticity and every cell in you will SHINE. The limitations only come in what we choose to disbelieve about ourselves. Believe in the ability to create magic in your own life. Look beyond the surface to see more of WHO YOU ARE and less of WHO YOU AREN’T.

Our Purpose is Always in Giving. We need to be candles, mirrors, magnets, or sparks for each other. This Light is our True inheritance. What if we walked around remembering, I AM A SPARK. What an extraordinary idea. The meaning of Life is in what we Give. We come with nothing and we leave with nothing.

Love will always blaze its own Pathway because when we Love, we are using the greatest power in the World. So follow the compass of your heart and, if you lose your way, remember that gratitude is a healing sustainer. Take a breath and find the most beautiful thing near you, no matter how big or small. These are the Gifts of Love.


Maggie Miller, Founder at Magnify Impact



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