Contributed by: Jackie Burrow

Growing up, in the city of San Antonio, TX there were no conversations of health and wellness, but this curiosity became a force for me in my early childhood. Even though I grew up playing outside, swimming, climbing trees, and playing kickball with friends, there was something that was missing when the adults I witnessed didn’t model the continuation of activity and being outdoors. It took an active determination.

When I was 12 years old, I knew I wanted to be healthy at every stage of life. I learned then that we each have the power to make our life different, even if we're not sure exactly how to make it happen. Since then, I've been fueled by this truth. It has supported me in my continual growth and evolution because of my strong commitment to staying open, curious, and learning.

One of my passions is to help young kids start a conversation and a knowing that if you are breathing, you have the choice to plant an intentional seed of self-care. Now as a mom and entrepreneur, keeping these values are more challenging than ever to give the time that I need to self-care. To me this means will wellness practice needs to have a range of exercise, movement therapy, and key restorative treatments engaged with professionals to help move me forward. 

“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.”
― LeeAnn Taylor

Life is about looking for those opportunities to change, grow, and evolve. Using Mindful Marks has helped me test how these intentions are practiced in my life and the lives around me. I have found that when leaning into change and growth, it can be uncomfortable and maybe a little stressful. However, it’s important to realize that stress is not a bad thing in moderation and consideration of where the rebalance happens — this mental process of incorporating the whole being pushes me forward to be more focused in transforming every day. Then, clarity can become more apparent throughout the journey of finding your inner voice. The best is when you begin to find deep satisfaction knowing that you are being true to you and that inner voice.

The greatest spark of joy is pouring into others, like your kids, and seeing these glimpses of their learning and growth. You begin to see their power coming from their inner intelligence, and it’s remarkable to witness how they are using in their everyday life. It may also show up as conversations you have with them, and now they have this platform of knowledge that can help them process their situations and emotions.

Weekly Check In Exercise:
Sundays evenings are a great day to come together and mindfully pick your intention with your family or your partner. This allows conversation about areas that you want to focus on based on challenges that may be causing some discomfort and to lead you into growth in the new week. Choose your intention, breathe deep, and see what the universe brings your way.

My husband and I are dedicated to creating balance with the natural outdoors and natural talents we were born with. Curiosity blended with the passion that drives us, helps to keep us in line as a family of growth seekers. This curiosity is essential for a purposeful life within us but also the core value we have as a family.

My story is based on how I serve by looking at every day with the “willingness to change, grow and evolve” and using the resources that are available to me. I am so thankful for Mindful Marks as a resource to help me on my journey. They are a powerful tool in processing big questions that move you in significant ways.

At Workhouse Wellness we use these intentions to get the clients' minds to focus on a mantra, and use their quiet moments to seek within. Our therapist unites with that intention and keeps it quietly in her mind to aim intention of thought for the client’s wellbeing. We truly believe that “when two or more are together” there is more power in the intention.



Jackie Burrow head shotI am Jackie Burrow. I am a mother, wife, LMT, Founder of Workhouse Wellness and Thermal Infra. I show therapists the path to use infrared tools to be more efficient in manual therapy sessions. I teach clients young and wise, how to use their body more efficiently and helping him / her find ease in their body.