Application Guide


Choose your focus

Select an intention and find a place on your body to be your visual reminder. Your collection includes suggested intentions and you can also create your own meanings for each mark.


- Pick a visible spot like your hand or wrist

- Avoid places that are stretched or rubbed often

- Clean, oil-free skin is best


Set your intention

Activate your Mindful Mark with water and press your intention into place with three deep breaths and a mini-meditation.


- Remove protective film and place mark facedown on dry skin

- Wet paper back with water, saturating fully

- Apply gentle pressure while you breathe (~1min)


Renew your commitment

Use your Mindful Mark throughout your day to breathe and reconnect. 


- After application allow ~20 min for the mark to set in without twisting, stretching or swimming.

- Avoid putting lotion, perfumes or other solutions near your mark

- For oily skin, apply baby powder throughout wear to reduce moisture.

Designed to fade when it’s time to renew your focus, typically 2-3 days.