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Welcome! Let's start with this thought: "I am fully present in this moment."


TANYA FRIEND,  speech and language pathologist and owner of a private speech clinic in Albuquerque NM, shares how she faced her fears and harnesses her power with the help of Duke, Cleo, and her breath.

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Contributed by Meditation Coach, Speaker, and Author Paige Davis

Taking a moment to be fully present with your breath is a powerful way to begin to tune into what's inside. Allow Paige to guide you through a simple 10-minute breath meditation as a first step to finding your center.  Perhaps you'd like to mark this self-care time on your calendar - once this week, twice next, and so on until you find your way to a daily practice!


With intentions set, and your Mindful Mark in place, you're ready to bring your thoughts into the present moment!

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Be Present

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