Guide: Breathe

Join us as we discover and rediscover the calm within a pause. Our aim in growing this complimentary resource library is to help you go a little deeper on your mindfulness journey with your Mindful Marks.



Taking a moment to be fully present with your breath is a powerful way to begin to tune into what's inside. Allow Paige to guide you through a simple 10-minute breath meditation as a first step to finding your calm. Perhaps you'd like to mark this self-care time on your calendar - once this week, twice next, and so on until you find your way to a daily practice!




TANYA FRIEND speech and language pathologist and owner of a private speech clinic in Albuquerque NM, shares how she faced her fears and harnesses her power with the help of Duke, Cleo, and her breath.

"During the last 10 years, my life has gone through several transitions. I have had to harness my strength and my will to survive more than I ever thought possible. These occurrences sparked my journey towards mindfulness and taught me that sometimes the best thing to do is stop and remember to breathe. This is one piece of that story… 3 years ago as I painfully found myself at the beginning of my second divorce I was faced with a decision that could quite possibly be the best or the worst I had ever made. My ex-husband and I had adopted two horses a year prior to this separation. I was given a week’s notice to decide if I was willing to bring the horses to live with me or if I was willing to let them go."


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Expand your power to receive with these postures curated and contributed by ChakWave, an intentional cleanse for mind, body, and spirit.




With intentions set, poses explored, and your Mindful Mark in place, you're ready to bring your thoughts into each present moment! Your Pack also allows you complementary access to these intentional displays for all your distracting devices. Just click to open and save the image to your phone or computer.

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