Curated inspiration and activities for building self trust

Getting centered is a wonderful place to start...and come back to at any time!  

Our aim in growing this library of simple and actionable resources is to help you go a little deeper on your mindfulness journey. We invite you to light up one of these tools today or join us for a month of reconnecting with your center and finding ways to further trust yourself.  

Let's start with this thought: "I trust myself." 


Terri Broussard Williams shares how finding her center gave her a new lease on life.

"It took a big loss in my life to set me on the path toward intentional living. Grief ripped the blinders off and showed me all the ways I was going through the motions and fulfilling goals others were setting for me. On May 20, 2017, I lost my dad, who had always just got me. He was the person I called each day when driving home from work.  Each time I went to pick up the phone to call him made my pain cut a little deeper. But loss made me take a hard look at how I was living my life, and I was not happy with what I saw."

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Intention Setting

These journal prompts are designed to help you define, refine, and explore how you live from your center.  

Download your copy of the PDF below. And if it feels supportive, please share your progress with us on social by tagging us @lumenkind and #mylumenlife.

suggested investment: one hour monthly

journal it


Contributed by Meditation Coach, Speaker, and Author Paige Davis

Taking a moment to be fully present with your breath is a powerful way to begin to tune into what's inside. Allow Paige to guide you through a simple 10-minute breath meditation as a first step to finding your center.  Perhaps you'd like to mark this self-care time on your calendar - once this week, twice next, and so on until you find your way to a daily practice!

suggested time: ten minutes weekly to start


Mindful Practice

Contributed by Jacquelyn Krieger, Chakwave Creator and Author

One of the most subtle, yet potent ways to promote feeling grounded is to connect with nature. Rooting into the ground below us has a profound effect on calming our central nervous system, slowing our heart rate, and inducing feelings of deep calm. Jacquelyn offers us a simple, yet effective, tool you can take with you anywhere!

suggested time: ~3 minutes daily


Intentional displays

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