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In partnership with Jacquelyn Krieger, author and creator of ChakWave, we have had a blast creating the especially bright ūüĆü Chakra Pack!¬†This pack allows you to explore¬†every color in the rainbow of¬†our signature collection of Mindful Marks!¬†

Intentionality is at the root of human transformation. I‚Äôm thrilled to pair my book ‚ÄúChakWave: An Intentional Cleanse for Body, Mind, and Spirit‚ÄĚ with LumenKind‚Äôs vibrant Chakra Pack. Colors represent traits and qualities in our daily lives which can facilitate deep openings, bringing to life the vast energetic rainbow of healing possibilities.


Creator and Author of ChakWave

What is a chakra?

FROM CHAKWAVE:¬†¬†"A chakra is a vortex of¬†constantly¬†moving energy. Simultaneously tangible and¬†symbolic, the¬†spiraling energy of chakras corresponds with glands in the endocrine system, organs in the body, and nerve¬†ganglia of the spinal column as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual health. also, each chakra corresponds directly with a color of the rainbow. ūüĆą

Cleansing, practicing yoga, meditating, singing, chanting. . . and participating in various forms of food and color therapy are some actions used to raise vibrational resonance and facilitate in balancing the chakra system." 


Learn more with CHAKWAVE

Yoga Poses

To support your energetic balancing and complement each of the Mindful Marks in your Chakra Pack, we hope you enjoy these yoga postures curated by ChakWave. We also highly recommend getting the ChakWave book to take the next step!  


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