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Welcome!  Let's get started with this thought: "I express myself and listen openly."

LumenLife Story

KRISTIN MOSES shares her story about how starting the life you want begins by first reclaiming your voice. 

"The business I love today is absolutely not the one I started out with...I wasn't bringing my full self to my business. And I didn’t even think that mattered. But working and living this way wasn’t sustainable. I knew in my heart I needed and wanted more from my business and my brand. So I made a big, scary shift."

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Reflect on where you are in your journey and explore ways you may more fully express yourself.



Expand your self expression with these postures that were curated and contributed by Chakwave, an intentional cleanse for mind, body, and spirit.


With intentions set, and your Mindful Mark in place, you're ready to bring your thoughts into the present moment!

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