We are so grateful to play a tiny role in so many people's lives! We owe a huge thank you to these luminous leaders for putting a spotlight on mindfulness and intentionality! 🙏


“I'm a huge fan of setting intentions; it's part of my morning routine and daily meditation practice. These LumenKind temporary tattoos are the perfect way to cement that intention. They're stylish but small enough to be discreet and last three-to-five days with normal wear and tear. Bonus: When it wears off, you can conscientiously change your energy with a new intention to match your mood." (ref: MindBodyGreen article, photo credit: @melissau)


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"In celebration of the launch of my book, The Source: Secrets of the Universe Science of the Brain', I’ve collaborated with LumenKind to create the Visualize Pack. These Mindful Marks provide physical reminders to implement ‘The Source’ in your life, firing up your brain to unlock its full potential so you can create the life you really desire.” (ref: this post and @drtaraswart)


— DR. TARA SWART, Neuroscientist and Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan

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"It's a way to talk to the irrational unconscious parts of your mind to tell them to wake up and behave themselves! So you take one of these little things and you put it on your wrist, you put it somewhere like that and every time you see it your eyes which are not used to seeing on your skin go "what is that?" But you already know what it is and you connect with whatever it is you told yourself. It causes you to hit your subconscious and your unconscious mind with that over and over and over." (ref: @dave.asprey and @biohacked)

DAVE ASPREY, Bulletproof Founder and Father of Biohacking

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"To deepen your connection to your work, I have partnered with LumenKind to create the Movement Maker Pack to remind you to find your fire and stay focused on your calling. A leader turns moments into movements — and that leader is you.” (ref: this post + @terribwilliams)


— TERRI BROUSSARD WILLIAMS, Author of Find Your Fire: Stories & Strategies to Inspire the Changemaker Inside You and Creator of the Movement Maker Tribe

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"Intentionality is at the root of human transformation. I’m thrilled to pair my book 'ChakWave: an intentional cleanse for mind, body, and spirit' with LumenKind’s vibrant Chakra Pack. Colors represent traits and qualities in our daily lives which can facilitate deep openings, bringing to life the vast energetic rainbow of healing possibilities."

JACQUELYN KRIEGER, Creator and Author of Chakwave

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"To further deepen & reinforce the shift in your personal style, I've collaborated with LumenKind to create the Style Shift Pack. Using these Mindful Marks as you implement each step in the styling process will help you stay focused on your objective: to embody a style that's truly reflective of YOU.” (ref: this post + @laurelkinney)

— LAUREL KINNEY, Creator of the StyleShift Workshop.


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"Life's Little Reminders!" Loved getting to connect and share with our home town community in this interview with CBS We Are Austin.


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