curated inspiration + activities for embracing what the world offers

Getting into the creative flow and embracing what the world offers is an intention (and a reminder!) we come back to often!  

Our aim in growing this library of simple and actionable resources is to help you go a little deeper on your mindfulness journey. We invite you to light up one of these tools today or join us for a month of finding your flow and discovering new ways to open up and receive what the world offers.  

Let's start with this thought: "I embrace what the world offers."


Erica Midkiff shares a few tips for how we all might be able to find our way back into our flow.

“Flow is not found in rigidity, where everything is planned and nothing is left to chance, nor is it found in chaos, where the opposite is true. It’s found in between. And it looks different for each of us. That might feel scary, but it’s actually a beautiful opportunity to tap into the deep wisdom we each hold about ourselves by creating (what else?) a map.”




These journal prompts are designed to help you identify the ways in which you can cultivate more flow in your life.  

Download your copy of the PDF below. And if it feels supportive, please share your progress with us on social by tagging us @lumenkind and #mylumenlife.

suggested investment: one hour monthly



Contributed by Illustrator, Teacher, Speaker and Professional Doodler Becca Borrelli

Becca shares that in traditional drawing sessions the product is a drawing. In meditative drawing sessions, the product is YOU.

In its simplest form meditative drawing is the practice of using drawing as a tool, and we make repetitive marks on paper as a tool to bring attention back to the present moment. It's an embodied meditation, allowing us to access a playfully creative head space that many of us have long since forgotten since childhood. Grab your colored pencils or markers, and let's get to creating!

suggested time: one hour weekly

connect to your creativity


Contributed by Amy Kuretsky, Health Coach for Creatives

For Amy, breathwork has been nothing short of life-changing. It was so powerful that she became certified to share this powerful healing modality with others, and she’s discovered that even a 10-minute daily practice can do wonders for opening up her intuitive and creative channel.

To help you get started with your own breathwork practice, she created this 10-minute video for you to follow along at home.

suggested time: 10 minutes daily



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