Guide: Flow

Join us in embracing what the world offers. Our aim in growing this complimentary resource library is to help you go a little deeper on your mindfulness journey with your Mindful Marks.



⬡   Do you have any emotions that you feel ready to create more space for acceptance or exploration? How might you approach this?

⬡   What are ways or places you’d like to introduce more lightness or fun into your life?

⬡   What are you inspired to create? Are there any steps you’d like to take to more fully tap into your passion?

⬡   What can you learn from areas or times in your life that feel (or have felt) in flow? How can you apply this to aspects of your life that feel too flexible or rigid?


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NATASHA AKERY shares her powerful story that encourages us to remember that going with the flow in life can also mean allowing the moments to flow by, as everything is temporary. "I am a high school English teacher, wife, and mother. I live a beautiful and blessed life with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), panic disorder, and generalized depression. The themes of my life revolve around healing, relationships, and spiritual faith. I have always been very proactive in seeking mental health and stability, but it is only recently that I realized healing doesn't mean "to not experience pain."


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Discover the aliveness of life with these postures curated and contributed by ChakWave, an intentional cleanse for mind, body, and spirit.



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