March's Mindful Moments

This month our theme is COURAGE. We hope your new Mindful Marks® will be a gentle support as you enter a new season. The mini experiences below are designed to be a fun and simple way to build upon your present-moment-awareness practice. Here are a few Mindful Tips:

⬡  Start your week by setting an intention with your Mindful Mark

⬡  Select any Mindful Moments you’d like to explore this month - 1 or 2 each week is a great!

⬡  Mark your calendar for days/times that are best - just a minute or two!

⬡  Gather your thoughts or items so you’re set when it’s time (ideas below)

⬡  Choose to be fully present with your breath or the Moment you’ve created  


Our suggested intention is call upon our COURAGE — "Yes, I Can" 

With each mindful breath, our intention is to rise above and embrace our power.  Enjoy this suggestion or create another meaning for your Mindful Mark.

Prompt to Explore: As you lean into life’s challenges, what is one tiny way that you can stay connected to your power?

Brighten your week with these Mindful Moments.


As a tiny way to acknowledge your commitment to shine, let’s
⭐️ Find a star to gaze upon during the new moon on the 13th and
🌕 Soak in the full moonrise (7:28p cst) on the 28th!


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