April's Mindful Moments

This month our theme is FORGIVE. We hope your new Mindful Marks® will be a gentle support as you enter a new season. The mini experiences below are designed to be a fun and simple way to build upon your present-moment-awareness practice. Here are a few Mindful Tips:

⬡  Start your week by setting an intention with your Mindful Mark

⬡  Select any Mindful Moments you’d like to explore this month - 1 or 2 each week is a great!

⬡  Mark your calendar for days/times that are best - just a minute or two!

⬡  Gather your thoughts or items so you’re set when it’s time (ideas below)

⬡  Choose to be fully present with your breath or the Moment you’ve created  


Our suggested intention is to FORGIVE — "I forgive with ease and compassion." 

With each mindful breath, our intention is to rise above and allow compassion to clear the way for new possibilities.  Enjoy this suggestion or create another meaning for your Mindful Mark.

Prompt to Explore: How may I offer myself or others more grace in this moment? Feeling ready for a deeper level of forgiveness? Take it a step further by writing them or yourself a note - even if you never share.

Brighten your week with these Mindful Moments.



As a tiny way to acknowledge your contribution to bringing more light into the world..
🌱 🌎 Join us on Earth Day (22nd) to plant a seed for our collective healing and
🌕 Soak in the full moonrise (7:46p cst) on the 26th.


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