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Mindful Marks

Wearable Reminders for your Intentions.

These temporary wearables remind you of your intentions.

Mindful Marks connect the three  personal growth super ingredients in a fun and simple way.

They are designed to fade after a few days to allow you to change or renew your commitment.  

Balance Collection

You can enjoy these intentions to guide your day or create your own meanings for each of the designs.

How to Use

Follow these three steps to get the most from your collection.  Also, checkout our FAQ and Application Quick Guide to learn how to extend the duration of your Mindful Mark. 

Application Quick Guide

1. Remove Protective Film

2. Secure Facedown

3. Dampen with Water

4. Press for 30s + BREATHE

Visit FAQ for tips to lengthen wear-time.

Watch 1-min How-To Video

Join others on the path with our WEEKLY INTENTIONS posted to Facebook and Instagram.


Decide How Often to Apply:

You may want to start by picking one intention per week to explore how that focus can integrate into your daily life, but your cadence should be based on what you want/need! Some people enjoy selecting 2-3 intentions at a time and apply every other day. 

Prepare for a New Focus: 

1. Remove your previous mark with baby oil

2. Reflect on what worked over the past period and what you may want to do differently with the next focus

3. Start the ritual to reapply.


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