Intention Prompts


What do you notice about this moment? Are there ways you can you invite this present moment awareness to support you?



What guidance does your intuition offer in any places you feel untethered, doubtful, or unsure of next steps?



What areas of your life do you feel most confident and secure? What can you learn from this area that may build upon your self-trust in all aspects of your life?



What processes would you like to develop or recommit to that help you feel grounded and connected? 


Do you have any emotions that you feel ready to create more space for acceptance or exploration? How might you approach this?



What are ways or places you’d like to introduce more lightness or fun into your life?



What are you inspired to create? Are there any steps you’d like to take to more fully tap into your passion?



What can you learn from areas or times in your life that feel (or have felt) in flow? How can you apply this to aspects of your life that feel too flexible or rigid? 



What are areas in your life that you would like to invite change? (Consider all aspects: physical, environmental, relational, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.)



Is your desire to change rooted in self-love and respect or is there another driving force?  Notice the areas of change that spark feelings of deep knowing, excitement, joy, or calm.  Let the other areas fade.



For those love-based areas, what is one small thing that you can take action on today to support your growth?



What will support you and help you stay connected to your power during this time of transformation?



What are you grateful to have today that you didn’t have a year ago? How does it feel to have a grateful heart?

Think back to all the opportunities (and people!) who have helped you get to where you are. Whether they felt like mistakes or missed opportunities at the time, often in hindsight, they turn into beautiful forks in the road that brought you to exactly where you are now. 



Is there anyone you’d like to thank or forgive that has helped you on your journey and why? (Take it a step further by writing them or yourself a note -  even if you never share)



What are some ways you can cultivate daily kindness for yourself? For others?  How do you like to receive acknowledgement and appreciation? (If you aren’t sure, take a fun/ free Love Language quiz!)



Reflect upon a moment in your life that was filled with pure joy, light, and love. Take this feeling you just cultivated from recalling a joyous moment, and list 10 ways you can share gratitude with other people this month.



What do you notice internally or through external messages that feels especially true for you right now or causes you to take pause?



Are there ways you can more fully embrace and/or share your truth? Consider if anything that might be holding you back deserves the power you give it.



What are upcoming opportunities to more openly express yourself or a specific message (Some ideas for you: Perhaps it’s a hard conversation with a person that needs to happen. Or maybe it’s something that you need to say but aren’t able to speak it directly to the person who needs to hear. In that case, you could consider writing a letter and tossing  it! Are you being called to express in another way that doesn’t use words? Sometimes movement or art can be really therapeutic to move the fear through you.)



Are you being called to share yourself or unique talents with a specific community, group, or person?


With limitless resources and time, what gift would you love to experience, explore more deeply, or share with the world? ⁣



Project yourself into your ideal future a year from today.  How do you feel? What do you see? Who or what is around you?  What are you most excited about?



What do you see in the present moment that is already (even if only slightly) aligning to this ideal future? Are there visible (internal or external) roadblocks or detours on your path ahead to this ideal future? If so, can you sense their origin and how this is affecting you on a deeper level?



Is there anything you sense is important about your path that you feel deserves more exploration,  thought, or attention? If so, does this impact the picture of your ideal future or your choices now?


What do you feel when you imagine a life that is deeply nourishing? How can you invite more of those sensations today?



Are there areas in which you often attempt to control an outcome? If this creates stress, what is it that you ultimately care most about? What could happen that would reduce any negative energy and open up space to receive?



Who or what do you hope to invite more of in your life?



How might you more deeply connect with yourself, others or life in general?