Welcome and thank you for visiting! I’m Natalie and I started LumenKind because I believe that by discovering and staying true to our intentions (big or small), we are able to live a more meaningful, productive and peaceful life.

This, of course, is much easer said than done! I know from personal experience that life is full of distractions that drown out our inner voice and pull us from the path to living our greatest possibility.

I've spent my career helping organizations discover the potential that lies within them – their people, systems, and ideas. The secret was honing the power inside, and then letting it shine through - branding from the inside out.  During a time of personal transformation, I came to realize that the same holds true for each and every individual. Growth, evolution, even joy...must come from the inside out.

INSIDE OUT. What does that even mean? For me, it meant that I had to start paying more attention to what I really needed/wanted.

I set an intention to let every day be an experiment in listening to myself. To rise above the noise and stay present to this intention, I began to wear visual reminders that also had the added benefit of creating opportunities for me to share with others.

So I embarked on this journey to give you tools to discover your best self, starting with the simple reminders that helped me. I hope you will join us and discover the power of intentionality!

Natalie Glover, co-creator

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