We are grateful for the thousands of mindful moments we've been able to share across the globe!  Thank you for sharing the journey with us. 🙏
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Lovely little reminders!

I was gifted these by a dear friend, and having these visual reminders are just wonderful! Such a neat way to remember to stay focused and centered.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! And lots of love to your dear one for gifting mindfully

Focus with a Glance

It’s a terrific visual reminder to snap things back into focus. With a simple glance, I’m back on the path I chose for the day.

Thank you for sharing, Juanpablo. We love your intentionality and are grateful to play a tiny role in helping keep your path glowing throughout the day!


I got this as a Christmas present from my stepfather. So helpful and allows you to put your intentions behind your actions. Would recommend 1000x's yes!

YAY! YAY! YAY! so, so very happy to hear your joy! A little happy dance happened when we saw your review! Thank you for sharing such kind words and joining us on the journey! . We especially love the way you worded “intentions behind your actions” — brilliant. You’re so right- we are all taking action all day’s about infusing those actions with intention. ✨. Thank so so much for sharing your thoughts and the journey with us! !

A wonderful company and experience

I have not received my order yet, but if my marks are as spectacular as Natalie’s attention to detail, then I will be so happy! It’s the holiday season, there’s a pandemic, and after nearly two weeks of placing my order, the USPS still has not delivered my package. Natalie with Lumenkind has been outstanding. She mailed out a replacement order right away so these would arrive in time for Christmas. Even if these don’t make it in time, I am truly grateful for such an effort. Thank you Lumenkind and thank you Natalie!

Suzanne, Our mission is to share as many invitations to enjoy a mindful moment as possible. So making sure your Mindful Marks arrive into (and onto ) your hands as promised is our top priority and our job! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share share these little co-creations with you...and play a game of shipping catch up with the intensity of this past holiday gifting season! Grateful for you!

Daily Focus

I purchased these for my teen daughters’ advent calendar. The packaging was perfect and the ratios are beautiful. These little marks remind them to breathe, love and focus.

What a sweet idea, Suzanne! Thank you for sharing mindfulness and these tiny tools with your daughter . We hope she’s enjoying them into the new year and, maybe even sharing a few with you! Also we really appreciate your comments about the design. We infuse lots of deep breaths and love into our design process to make the shape both calming and inspiring! So happy to hear you feel we’re hitting the Mark!

Love LumenKind!

Thank you very much for your Mindful Marks! They truly help me refocus and reground into intention verses getting swept away in fear and chaos! Beautiful creation - they brighten my days!

Thank YOU for choosing to live with intention and allowing us to play a tiny role in your intention-setting practice. No doubt, in whatever form, we can all use extra help in rising above the current and finding a focused calm. Keep shining, Laura! ✨

I love mindful marks!

I love these little mindful marks so much that I have purchased them for all my friends as gifts.

We love hearing this! Thank you for sharing the gift of mindfulness and joining us on the journey

Mindful Marks mini

I love the marks! I live the concept and their visibility. I’m new to mindfulness so perhaps having more ways of using the marks would help make them more meaningful. Links to mindfulness resources or other mindfulness techniques to enhance the use if the marks could help.

First of all, thank you again for bringing more mindfulness into this world and joining us on this journey. Your feedback/review is so wonderful to hear! I love knowing about more people stepping into a mindfulness practice and it warms my heart that our tiny tools can play a small part. We TOTALLY agree about adding additional resources. We have been working on it’s just a start, but we are very excited to expand this content to include more articles/books to support our community. So thank you again for sharing your thoughts! It keeps us focused and inspired on what matters most. ✨

Simple yet so Powerful!

I can’t live without my Mindful Marks! I keep a healthy stock on hand and sometimes I choose my intention...sometimes the intention chooses me! It’s a brilliant reminder to stay present in this hectic world. They are also the perfect gift for any occasion! I LOVE introducing people to LumenKind!

A game changer for me! ✨💗

I love using Mindful Marks daily. It's a reminder to make a conscious decision to speak positively and with truth to myself each day. To practice gratitude and self love so that I can do good and show love.

Brilliant idea and 💌 fun to gift!

I am in love with the Lumenkind Mindful Marks! I've given them as gifts to everyone from business associates to family and even included them in some Christmas cards last year and everyone comments about how such a small idea promotes big changes in their lives. Beautiful product and packaging. Love these!

Mindful Marks are such a creative way to keep 🎯 focused!

LumenKind cultivates and catalyzes mindfulness in playful and innovative ways.

Awesome little sparkly reminders to live big with your intentions!

The mini meditation combined with sparkly temp tattoos are a perfect way to introduce mindfulness to my children. I also love-love-love to include them when I send thank you letters and birthday notes to friends and family.

Thank you for helping me along this journey🙏

So anyone I've ever spoken to can tell you that my stress levels have been through the roof lately and I/m always worried about everything. I've been really trying to take care of myself mentally ever since I noticed how stressed I've gotten and these temporary tattoos by Lumenkind have literally been such a huge help. I've chosen the flow mark which reminds me to stop stressing about every little thing and just breathe. I honestly had idea how fun it would be to have such a cute little reminder on me.

💕Love the mission to bring more light into world!

Lumenkind's Mindful Marks have inspired me to stay true to my intentions - in the pursuit of living a more meaningful, and balanced life. The marks remind me to get my priorities straight, clear the noise from my head and focus on what is most important as well as be present for who is in front of me.

Ingenious! Even at nearly 70 years old, I need reminders to take time from busyness to pause...

LuminKind's Mindful Marks are an ingenious creation! The little signs DO remind me to stop, breathe and think. It is so difficult in this world to be mind-full. Even at nearly 70 years old, I need reminders to take time from busyness to pause and reflect, breath, then continue with renewed purpose. Thank you!

Feels like I was investing in myself to live my best at life!

We're all super busy, but I feel like I'm particularly busy as a mom and traveling business warrior so it's essential to find something that doesn't take up a lot of time.

These marks are super cute and helpful!💖

Such a neat way to be reminded of my intentions and to be present.

🥰You absolutely must check them out!

The power of a ritual and intentions ❤️ When we set a goal from the intention point, our deepest emotions, intuition and rational thinking line up and work in harmony 🌻 These temporary tattoos are mindful marks to remind you of your intention daily.

Great way to remember your intentions and learn mindfulness!

These are beautiful and Genius!

Catches my eye when I'm training and helps connect me back to my goals!💪

My Lumenkind mindful mark (temp tattoo) still going strong after 2x baths and 5x showers!

Love these tools💗

Loving my mindful marks. Today I’m going with the flow.

✨Really enjoyed that process!

I adopted the "take a breath and focus on intention" when I noticed my Mindful Mark.

Useful for remembering your inentions!

Love my mindful mark to connect whenever I see it!

💕Such a small and lovely but impactful gift!

Sweet little reminders to stay with your intentions. Using 'Flow' today.