We are grateful for the thousands of mindful moments we've been able to share across the globe!  Thank you for sharing the journey with us. 🙏
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Mindful Marks mini
First of all, thank you again for bringing more mindfulness into this world and joining us on this journey. Your feedback/review is so wonderful to hear! I love knowing about more people stepping into a mindfulness practice and it warms my heart that our tiny tools can play a small part. We TOTALLY agree about adding additional resources. We have been working on it’s just a start, but we are very excited to expand this content to include more articles/books to support our community. So thank you again for sharing your thoughts! It keeps us focused and inspired on what matters most. ✨
Simple yet so Powerful!
A game changer for me! ✨💗
Mindful Marks are such a creartive way to keep 🎯 focused!
Brilliant idea and 💌 fun to gift!
Awesome little sparkly reminders to live big with your intentions!
Ingenious! Even at nearly 70 years old, I need reminders to take time from busyness to pause...
💕Love the mission to bring more light into world!
Thank you for helping me along this journey🙏
Feels like I was investing in myself to live my best at life!
These marks are super cute and helpful!💖
🥰You absolutely must check them out!
Great way to remember your intentions and learn mindfulness!
Catches my eye when I'm training and helps connect me back to my goals!💪
Love these tools💗
✨Really enjoyed that process!
Useful for remembering your inentions!
💕Such a small and lovely but impactful gift!
Beautiful mindful marks🤩
Thanks for creating!
I was skeptical, but am a full, loyal fan now!
Simple yet effective!
Extremely helpful during this uncertain time!
Felt a positive shift using these💫
Living from my beautiful true self!