...With These Wearable Reminders for Your Intentions
In the form of thoughtfully-designed, dime-sized temporary tattoos, LumenKind Mindful Marks are intentional moment-to-moment reminders. They are adorably packaged with suggested intentions, easy to throw in your pocket for a meaningful experience with friends, and a powerful tool for helping you keep promises to yourself. Applied with 3 deep breaths and a mini-meditation, these tiny mindfulness tools are a fun and simple way to rise above stress and reconnect to what matters most. They fade in a matter of days – just in time to renew your commitment or change your focus. 

"This is the perfect thoughtful gift for someone that doesn’t like “stuff” cluttering up their house or is difficult to buy for. I initially purchased this for a family friend to use during her labor and also to give as a game prize for her baby shower. I think the packaging is absolutely perfect. I love the card it comes with that clearly shows you what each symbol means." - Christianne G. 💖

Packs are available at LumenKind.co for $18.50 and include 31 individual Mindful Marks… and we have charcoal as an option. Great for stocking stuffers! 😉 

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  • Reached top 7 on Amazon category in 2020
  • Recognized by and partnered with notable scientists and wellness thought leaders such as
    • Melissa Hartwig Urban (Cofounder of Whole30),
    • Dr. Tara Swart (Neuroscientist and Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan) and 
    • Dave Asprey (Biohacker + previous CEO of Bulletproof coffee).  
    • Activations hosted by MindBodyGreen, Athleta, SXSW and more

About LumenKind
LumenKind is a small, woman-owned, wellness brand from Austin, TX that inspires mindfulness and activates intentions with simple and fun products. The company is founded on the belief that there is a brilliant power inside every human and an opportunity to enjoy a more meaningful and peaceful life through mindfulness. #BrighterBEing

Mindful Marks are designed to help people shine their brightest, rise above distractions, and navigate life with breath, awareness, and ease… one moment, one breath at a time. This unique approach integrates elegant, understated, temporary tattoos with a powerful personal growth system. Each of the 32 Mindful Marks is created with a suggested intention in mind.

In August 2021 LumenKind celebrated 4 years since inception. In this time, the mission-driven brand has shipped products to all 50 States and expanded to 16 countries – totaling more than 500K+ Mindful Marks shared and inviting 1M+ mindful breaths. In alignment with the founder’s passion for public education, LumenKind has sponsored hundreds of mindful moments to support teachers and students in bringing mindfulness into classrooms across the country.