Guide: Visualize

Join us in expanding possibilities. Our aim in growing this complimentary resource library is to help you go a little deeper on your mindfulness journey with your Mindful Marks.



⬡   With limitless resources and time, what gift would you love to experience, explore more deeply, or share with the world? ⁣

⬡   Project yourself into your ideal future a year from today. How do you feel? What do you see? Who or what is around you? What are you most excited about?  

⬡   What do you see in the present moment that is already (even if only slightly) aligning to this ideal future?

⬡   Is there anything you sense is important about your path that you feel deserves more exploration, thought, or attention?


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DR. TARA SWART shares her story and neuroscience behind the practice of intention-setting.

"In the past decade, I've transformed my life using the power of visualization. My own journey led me to turn my back on my traditional medical career as a psychiatrist, learning to tune into my deep inner wisdom and intuition, and risk everything to carve out a new career as an executive coach. I realized that the key to creating the life I dreamt of lay within my brain – what I call 'the source'. This is a realization that I have come to as a result of my Ph.D. research in neuroscience, but also as a result of my openness to more esoteric and alternative practices. I believe that visualization is at the heart of autonomous creativity, and I passionately believe that by training yourself to visualize in a focused way, anybody can manifest a more fulfilled, successful, and happy life."


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Stretch your body and mind with these postures curated and contributed by ChakWave, an intentional cleanse for mind, body, and spirit.



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