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Yoga + Meditation Boost

"I've been focusing on mindfulness and Mindful Marks were the perfect next step in my practice."

- Aimee F., High School Teacher in Austin, TX

“LumenKind offers a way to feel tangibly connected. I noticed that eyeing my Mindful Mark helped me stay more focused in my work.”

- Kira C., Scientist in Portland, OR

“LumenKind creatively cultivates and catalyzes mindfulness in playful and innovative ways.”

- Sarah B., Strategist in Austin, TX

Ready-Made for Healing + Growth

"I use Mindful Marks to demonstrate what matters to me, as a sort of declaration to myself and others who might be curious."

- Melissa W., Coach in Austin, TX

"LumenKind offers a fun and exciting ways to help my clients stay focused on their counseling goals and intention for the days ahead."

- Seth H., Therapist in Austin, TX

"Mindful Marks have contributed to my positive thinking and action. They've been daily reminders that have influenced me and probed me to think more about what I want to create personally and professionally and where I'm asking for flow in my life.”

- Maggie M., Entrepreneur in Austin, TX

Patience + Self-Care with Kids

"LumenKind is Mindfully Modern."

- Jacquelyn K., Entrepreneur in San Francisco, CA

"Mindful Marks were an unexpected supplemental element to support my developing mindful practice. They helped me remember to SLOW DOWN. Breathe. And stay present."

- Michael H., Austin, TX

"I loved feeling like I was investing in myself to live my best at life on a very basic level. We're all super busy, but I feel like I'm particularly busy as a mom and traveling business warrior so it's essential to find something that doesn't take up a lot of time."

- Jaime W., Road Warrior  in Nashville, TN

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