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📬 36 Mindful Marks curated from the existing LumenKind library delivered monthly 
 ⬡ Variety of designs/colors to help you glow! 
🙏 Invitation to mindfulness and suggested intentions for each design
💰 Members-only savings
💫 Option to customize order with your favorites

💧 Water dropper in your 1st package for "on-the-go" Mindful Marking

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Your next Packs will arrive by the 1st of the following months and you can always swap the scheduled Pack for one that you prefer for that month.

  • 👁 Visualize Pack (Jan)
  • 💖 Love Pack (Feb)
  • ✨ Balance Pack in Charcoal with 3 Minis (Mar)
  • 🌱 Receive Pack (Apr)
  • 🦋 Transform Pack (May)
  • ✨ Balance Pack in Chakra colors (Jun)
  • 🌊 Flow Pack (Jul)
  • 🌬 Breathe Pack (Aug)
  • ✨ Balance Pack in Platinum (Sep)
  • 😌 Communicate Pack (Oct)
  • 👣 Center Pack (Nov)
  • ✨ Balance Pack in Sparkle (Dec)

Memberships auto-renew on the 20th of each month. Change or cancel your subscription at anytime! AND, if you have a special request for your first Pack, just hit reply on your order confirmation and we'll do our best to accommodate. ☺️

* Additional promotions do not apply. U.S. orders only. 

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