In a world full of distractions, our co-created mindfulness experiences inspire Brighter Beings to reconnect with what matters most — one moment, one breath at a time.


We partner with luminous leaders who light a path for individuals and organizations to shine their brightest!

  • Mindfulness Practice — a simple and fun personal or group experience
  • 'Mindful Marks' — temporary tattoos that elevate present-moment awareness and focus
  • Customized Intentions — developed by recognized experts

Brighter Together, Let's Co-Create!

Tangible Reminders to Apply Your Guidance

educators, authors, program directors, + brand managers

Your audience believes in you and your ideas. Mindful Marks offer another way to help them deepen their learning and apply (and share) your insights in their day-to-day lives.
Curate A Custom Pack

Easy, Fun, and Meaningful Addition to Your Event

workshop facilitators, retreat leaders, + people managers

You design engaging experiences for your community. Mindful Marks are a unique activation that adds purpose and interaction to your on-site or virtual gatherings.
Share Mindful Moments

Hi There! I'm Natalie and I started LumenKind because I believe there is a brilliant power inside every human, and that the key to shining our brightest is in this moment. I also know how distracting and overwhelming life can feel.

So I embarked on this journey to create a system to help us rise above, starting with simple reminders to be present. I’m excited for you to join me in bringing more mindfulness into the world and being a part of the peace.

I'd love to hear from you!