Welcome to our digital downloads page!

Click on your favorite wallpaper and download to set as an intentional reminder for your distracting displays. This is just one more way to keep your intentions front and center.

One warning before you download: Make sure to change your display at least once a month if not weekly.  These displays won't fade when it's time to renew or recommit to your intentions like Mindful Marks. So no matter how much you love a particular one be sure to swap it with an alternate wallpaper so it's meaning stays fresh. :-)

CENTER- I trust myself.


FLOW -- I embrace what the world offers.

TRANSFORM -- I willingly change, evolve, and grow.

LOVE -- I practice gratitude and appreciation.

COMMUNICATE -- I express myself and listen openly.

VISUALIZE -- I imagine a powerful path.

RECEIVE -- I allow life to nourish me.