Guide: Receive

Join us in exploring ways in which we can more fully open to and welcome support. Our aim in growing this complimentary resource library is to help you go a little deeper on your mindfulness journey with your Mindful Marks.



⬡   What do you feel when you imagine a life that is deeply nourishing? How can you invite more of those sensations today? ⁣

⬡   Are there areas in which you often attempt to control an outcome? If this creates stress, what is it that you ultimately care most about?  

⬡   Who or what do you hope to invite more of in your life?

⬡   How might you more deeply connect with yourself, others or life in general?


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CHRISTINA MARTELL gifts us with her wisdom by sharing a story about how a Ninja deepened her understanding of what it means to receive.

"To truly receive a gift is to make a connection. I've known how to give so much better than to receive. One of the hardest lessons I learned of this möbius exchange was from my husband."


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Expand your power to receive with these postures curated and contributed by ChakWave, an intentional cleanse for mind, body, and spirit.



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