The Source Pack

Curated by neuroscientist Dr. Tara Swart to help you focus your mind and expand your possibilities. The Source Pack includes:

  • 36 MINDFUL MARKS (1/2 inch each) organized into 4 sheets of 9 marks
  • THREE UNIQUE DESIGNS that represent intentions in matte charcoal, metallic gold, and rose gold.
  • MINDFUL INVITE with suggested intentions for each design

These temporary wearable reminders for your intentions help you rise above distractions and stay present to what matters most. Mindful Marks are individually-perforated, water-transfer temporary tattoos made with skin-safe, vegetable-based inks. They are made to wear off when it's time to renew or refresh your commitment - typically 2-3 days depending on placement and care. 

Our hope is that these tiny tools will be a supportive addition as you dive into Tara's insights and actionable guidance to intention-setting found in her latest book, The Source: the Secrets of the Universe, the Science of the Brain.

Learn more about Tara in the blog post she shared with us about creating the life you want using visualization.